Our Therapist Interns

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Ana Claudia Costa

Ana Claudia Costa,  BS in Psychology

Ana Claudia is available for counselling sessions in-person in London

on Wednesdays, and also by video

or phone.

Ana Claudia believes that facing obstacles head-on is exactly what

can lead to profound emotional,

physical and spiritual transformations. Each person possesses the capacity

to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

She feels privileged to work with people dealing with life’s challenges, losses,

grief, cross-cultural experiences, loneliness, isolation, transitions and

a variety of challenges. With an integrative approach and empathetic presence, Ana Claudia’s aim is to help people to embark on a transformative journey of self-understanding, psychological well-being and healing.

Equipped with a background in Gerontology (the study of aging) and Psychology and having lived in Brazil

and Montreal for many years, Ana Claudia brings a variety of educational and cultural background. She understands that life can get hard

and our inner struggles can become overwhelming. Navigating the depths

of our own suffering may be a scary task. But we don't have to be alone, asking

for help is an act of courage.


Ana Claudia is currently completing

a Master of Divinity in Counselling

and a Thanatology (the study of how

to cope with tragedies,

death and dying) program

at Tyndale University.

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Bruce Dow

Bruce Dow, MFA

RP (Qualifying)

Bruce is available for counselling sessions  by video or phone, and may offer

in person sessions in the future.

Known for their work in artist activism

for social awareness of Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Gender Identity, 2SLGBTQIA+, and Childhood Trauma, Bruce identifies as a non-binary,

pronoun-indifferent, genderqueer

person. A descendant of United Empire Loyalist and Red River Settler colonial heritage, Bruce is actively engaged in actions of reconciliation with the indigenous communities affected by

his ancestors who fled Europe due to famine and religious persecution. 
Working collaboratively with clients,

Bruce works with clients using

techniques that focus on both body

and mind: Client Centred Therapy,

Somatic Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFS), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Trauma Related Dissociation models, while incorporating elements

of Existential Therapy, Jungian

Analysis, and Spiritual Direction

where applicable.

He welcomes individuals and with presenting issues related to anxiety

and depression; career related anxiety

and trauma; childhood emotional, narcissistic, physical, and

sexual trauma(s);

gender / sexuality related issues;

and multi-faith / religious / spiritual wound(s).Honest presence and

the offering of a gentle, caring

witness are at the core of Bruce’s


Bruce is changing directions after over

30 years in the arts.  Holding both a

BFA and MFA in Theatre, Bruce is now pursuing a Master of Pastoral Studies, Intercultural Psychotherapy and

Interfaith Spiritual Care, at Knox

College, University of Toronto.

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Jenica Groot-Nibbelink, MA

Jenica is available for counselling

sessions in-person in London

on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and

also by video or phone.


Jenica seeks wholehearted wellness

of others. With clients at the Community Counselling Centre of London, Jenica

seeks to co-create life-giving narratives

by promoting a clients' own resources

and strengths.


She uses a CBT, Strengths-Based

and Narrative therapy approach with empathy from her own personal loss experiences. Jenica accompanies

clients who face various losses in their

lives. She is privileged to journey

with you in your life experiences and

stories that you share with her.


Jenica has a background of working

with graduate and undergraduate


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Dana Cressman

Dana Cressman, Honours BSc, BEd

RP (Qualifying)


Dana is available for counselling

sessions in-person in Exeter

on Thursdays, and  also by

video or phone. 

Dana has worked for over eight years in education with youth and families. Her

work with clients is deeply influenced by

the posture that youth, individuals, and families each possess strengths which contribute to their own healing journeys. Conversations around faith and spirituality are welcome, should they be important aspects of a client’s journey. 

Recognizing the impact of trauma, stress,

and relational conflict on the body and

mind is integral to Dana’s work with

clients. When we learn to pay mindful attention to our body’s response to

difficult events, we begin the process

of finding safety in our bodies. 

She offers a space to explore life

events through personal stories, art,

and creative expression. Through

talk-therapy, body-based therapy,

or artistic expression, Dana will explore

with clients avenues which promote

healing, personal growth,

and wholehearted living. 

Dana is a Masters of Theology in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy Candidate at

Martin Luther University College,

affiliated with Wilfrid Laurier University. 

Dana loves a good laugh, quiet moments

in nature, reading, and creative activities. 

Nikita Ariganello

Nikita Ariganello, MDiv

RP (Qualifying)

Nikita is available for counselling sessions in-person in Exeter on Wednesdays and in London on Thursdays, and also by video or phone. 


Nikita provides a safe and judgement-free space where clients are free to explore different themes that may be prevalent in their lives, such as depression, grief, loss, life transitions, stress, anxiety, trauma, relationships, family,  faith. and spirituality.  She

creates a non-biased space where

clients can freely create

meaning, and make sense of

emotions they may be feeling.

Nikita collaborates with clients through Solution-Focused therapy, Narrative therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Empathy, encouragement and support are important to Nikita in building a therapeutic relationship with clients, and as well, helping clients see different insights and perspectives in their lives.


Nikita was born and raised in a diverse background and believes in welcoming others openly into a space, no matter

the circumstances of one’s background, identity, or social status. Nikita believes

it is important that clients have the opportunity to tell their story and their truth, and to provide an attentive ear

and heart to the vulnerabilities that one may share with her. Nikita is open to exploring and incorporating into therapy a person’s beliefs, dreams, spirituality/faith or what is sacred

to an individual. 

Nikita has previous experience in a forensic mental health care setting,

and believes that self-care and caring

for one’s mental health is an important factor in life. Nikita is completing her Master of Pastoral Studies, working towards a certificate in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy from Knox College (University of Toronto).

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Samantha Black 

Samantha Black, MTS

Samantha is available for counselling sessions by video or phone. 


After studying social health systems with a focus on end-of-life care at the University of Waterloo, Samantha realized the importance of understanding people as a whole. No matter what is presented at the

surface level, true connection is developed through understanding

who the person is, what they have experienced, what they believe, and what they value. In providing a space

for people to explore themselves and what matters, she hopes to encourage healing and reconciliation to one another and to ourselves.

With the experience and knowledge gained in health systems and social economics, Samantha has merged

this with her passion for person-to-person spiritual care and mental

health. Her aim is to provide a safe

and effective space for difficult periods of transition through grief, anxiety, trauma, and depression. Through the use of Narrative Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy, Samantha brings a person-centred approach to spiritual and mental health care. Her goal is to walk with individuals through their journey, and to encourage growth

and healing in ways that are impactful and important to them. 

Samantha has obtained a Master in Theological Studies degree in

Spiritual Care and Counselling from McMaster Divinity College and is pursuing another Master in Pastoral Studies degree with a certificate in Psychotherapy at Knox College.

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Tristan Mohamed 3 headshot.jpeg

Tristan Mohamed 

Tristan Mohamad, BA(H), JD

Tristan is available for counselling

sessions by video or phone. 

Tristan is passionate about supporting individuals as they move through life transitions, relationship difficulties, and healing through trauma.

Tristan’s experience as a trauma survivor and first-generation Canadian growing up in a multireligious family has helped him navigate and understand the complexity of living ‘between worlds’, the struggles to find meaning and purpose, and the uniqueness of this journey for each individual. As such, Tristan knows that each person’s journey of emotional wellbeing and healing is entirely unique, and he endeavours to honour that process.

Tristan seeks to support his clients through an integrative approach, drawing on relational psychotherapy, narrative therapy, family systems theory, self-psychology, Jungian psychodynamics, and somatic body-work. Tristan believes that with supportive conditions, his clients can integrate their experiences of mind, body, and spirit, and reconnect with their inner place of healing and resilience. 



Tristan has experience working alongside couples and individuals experiencing anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, grief, and life transitions including career changes, loss of meaning and purpose, and age-related changes.  

Tristan has lived many lives. He has worked in the service industry, as a kitchen steward in a Buddhist monastery, in government, litigation, environmental non-profits, supported Indigenous and Trans/non-binary communities, and sought to advance human rights in his former capacity as a lawyer. Tristan believes that a continual effort to embody the values of respect, humility, and empathy has informed his work within community. 

Tristan recently served as a spiritual care intern at Scarborough Health Network, and is completing a Master of Pastoral Studies, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto.

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Andrea Blackler

Andrea Blackler, B.A.Sc.

Andrea is available for counselling

sessions in-person in London on Wednesdays and also by

video or phone other days of the week.

Andrea works collaboratively with people to help them see different perspectives, make sense of emotions and experiences, and find meaning in their lives. She uses an inclusive, compassionate, patient, non-judgemental, trauma-informed, and person-centred approach to spiritual care and mental health care.


Andrea facilitates and supports growth, inner strength, clarity, resilience, and healing while respecting an individual’s needs. She helps to foster self-awareness, self-exploration, and self-understanding to help her clients feel better, find balance, and reach their goals.


Andrea’s spiritually-integrated and mindfulness-based work is grounded in her own personal meditation practice of 16 years. She has experience facilitating mindful parenting groups and workshops to nurture connection, communicate compassionately, and increase emotional resilience. Andrea also has additional training in grief counselling.


Andrea works with people from diverse backgrounds who are exploring life transitions, spirituality, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, chronic pain, parenting challenges, perfectionism, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, grief, loss, and many other things. She integrates ideas and practices from mindfulness, mindful self-compassion, non-violent communication, attachment theory, and acceptance & commitment theory to support healing, connection and growth in clients.


Andrea is currently completing a Master of Pastoral Studies degree with a certificate in Psychotherapy at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto.

Dayna Myles

Dayna Myles,  BDes, MACP Candidate,

RP (Qualifying) 

Dayna is available for counselling sessions in-person in London on Mondays and Fridays, and also by video or phone.


Dayna offers an open space for compassionate and curious exploration of what is meaningful to one’s life journey and personal identity. Seeking to learn and grow together, she approaches the counselling relationship from a collaborative and person-centered perspective. With a trauma-informed and attachment theory understanding of the roots of mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual distress, Dayna sees and encourages the strengths and resiliency within each human being in the face of adverse life events and transitions. Familiar with the struggles of depression, anxiety, trauma, isolation, and relationship challenges, she offers support informed by narrative, existential, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapies. Creativity and play are a welcomed aspect of such courageous therapeutic journeys.


Drawing on her personal experiences as both a caregiver and patient undergoing critical illness, Dayna is passionate about accompanying clients and their families through the process of loss and grief. Educating on the mind-body connection, she advocates for integrating psychological wellbeing as a part of physical healthcare. She is open to conversations about the mysteries of life, faith, and dreams, honouring what feels true to each individual's unique path towards self-discovery and community belonging. 


Dayna is transitioning from a decade of exploring art and design. She is currently a Candidate for a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Alongside her studies, she has also started training in palliative care counselling and Beginner Somatic Experiencing.


Hina Islam

Hina Islam, BSc.,

MA Counselling Psychology (Ongoing)

RP (Qualifying) 

Hina is available for counselling sessions in-person in London on Mondays and Fridays and also by video.

Hina believes that creating harmony between one’s physical, socio-cultural, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual self is essential to achieving mind-body wellness. She applies a biopsychosocial, strength-based, and person-centered approach to counselling and values working collaboratively with clients to build a safe and supportive space while fostering a compassionate and trusting relationship. She is also trained in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Hina has a background in child and youth care, primarily working with refugee youth and immigrants. This has influenced her to operate from a culturally integrative and trauma-informed lens. She believes that each individual is an expert in their unique story and welcomes clients from all backgrounds to collaboratively explore their stories in their journey towards healing using narrative, cognitive-behavioural, and existential informed theories.

Hina is currently completing her master’s in counselling psychology from Yorkville University and is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying).

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Sneha Bio photo .jpg

Sneha Jeyaseelan

Sneha Jeyaseelan, MA Ed


Sneha is available for counselling

sessions by video or phone. 

Sneha’s kindness, care and compassion

are strengths that she offers in

journeying with her clients towards wholeness and healing. Her primary

goal is to allow people to talk through

their feelings and emotions. She supports her clients through strength-based

and solution-focused therapy. If

a client desires, Sneha explores life’s challenges through the lens of Biblical stories to provide encouragement,

hope and personal development

through the various struggles of

everyday life.

Sneha is fluent in English and basic conversational Tamil. Sneha’s

spirituality provides her with strength

and guidance to be resilient through

the most challenging circumstances.

Sneha is pursuing a degree in Theology

and Discipleship as well as a

Masters in Pastoral Studies.

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Aisha Husseini

Aisha Husseini, RP (Qualifying)

DTATI Candidate 

Aisha is available for counselling

sessions in-person in London on

Tuesdays, and also by

video or phone.

Aisha is currently completing a Master’s Level Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy

from Toronto Art Therapy Institute (https://tati.on.ca/). She has experience working in the areas of traumatic brain injury, mental health, addiction, trauma and suicide loss. Her approach is guided by

anti-oppressive, trauma-informed,

person-centred care that aims to

support growth, inner strength and resiliency.


Aisha draws upon combining the creative process and therapy to facilitate self-exploration and understanding to

achieve goals. She holds that art can be

used as a tool for communication, self-examination, exploration and healing for people of any age or ability.


Aisha strives to approach everyone

with a non-judgmental attitude, inclusivity, empathy, compassion and respect for

their individual needs. She believes that

the counselling relationship is paramount

to the therapeutic process and am

dedicated to fostering connections.

Aisha works collaboratively with people to foster curiosity, self-awareness, somatic awareness and growth of one’s authentic self.