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Mairi Shewfelt

Director at Large

Mairi’s started her career as a Proprietary trader for Chase Manhattan Bank (Toronto & London, England). After several years on the trading floor she transitioned into the FMCG industry working for PepsiCo overseeing 11 countries in Asia. She left the industry in pursuit of entrepreneurship and currently owns two companies.

Mairi is an active Philanthropist who supported homeless shelters and women’s charities whilst in England. Upon moving back to Canada, Mairi has been active with Anova,

My Sister’s Place and the Marner Assist Foundation through her companies. Mairi has experienced first hand the struggles of trying to get help for two people close to her who are dealing with mental health issues. The lack of resources available in London-Middlesex is a driving force for her joining this committee.

She aims to increase private funding for the CCCL through private donations and lobbying

the government for support and grants. This is paramount to tackle the issues faced here in London-Middlesex surrounding araes.

She is dedicated to see that mental health is accessible to everyone.


Mairi Shewfelt
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